Team RDUTennis and Team Pursuit Wealth Remain Undefeated with Wins at Hollow Rock

July 15, 2022 – The Raleigh Pro League took its show to Hollow Rock Racquet & Swim Club in Durham for the first time and tennis fans were not disappointed as both matches needed Captain’s Choice Super-Tiebreaks to decide the winners.  Probably the most amazing thing about the evening was it stormed violently everywhere in the Triangle except for at Hollow Rock where the skies were clear and temperature mild to produce a perfect night for tennis & fun.

Team RDUTennis is undefeated for the season as they won over Team White Dahlia 3-2.  RDUTennis won the Women’s doubles and Mixed doubles courts to push the match to a Captain’s Choice Super TB where Joanna Nalborska & Brian Rosenthal defeated Devan McCluskey & Paul Goode 12-10 to earn the deciding team point.  On the courts leading up to the deciding tiebreak: Men’s 1 – Team White Dahlia’s Paul Goode & Michael Polasek defeat Team RDUTennis’ Christian Welte & Matt Nicholson  6-1  6-4; Men’s 2 – Team White Dahlia’s Josh Franceschina & Philip Faulkner defeat Team RDUTennis’ Kyle Spencer & Gani Adelekan  6-2  6-4;  Women’s – Team RDUTennis’ Meghan Coomes & Kristen Kepler defeat Team White Dahlia’s Julia Browne & Isabel Boada  6-2  6-2; Mixed – Team RDUTennis’ Joanna Nalborska & Brian Rosenthal defeat Team White Dahlia’s Devan McCluskey & Jose Velazquez  6-1  6-4.

Team Pursuit Wealth also remains undefeated and leads the league in points with their win over Team Mosquito Authority 3-2.  It took winning a 3rd set tiebreak on the Men’s 1 court to get to a 2-2 tie and force the deciding Captain’s Choice Super TB, where Team Pursuit Wealth’s Heather Waters & Anu Kodali sealed the team win with a 10-2 victory over Team Mosquito Authority’s Frances Altick & Louis Rico.  Scores from the courts were:  Men’s 1 – Team Pursuit Wealth’s William Noblitt & Anu Kodali defeat Team Mosquito Authority’s Michael Ogden & Louis Rico  2-6  6-3  10-7; Men’s 2 – Team Pursuit Wealth’s Paul-Henri Arrigoni & Quentin Guichard defeat Team Mosquito Authority’s Sean Ferreira & Alec Landow  6-1 6-4; Women’s – Team Mosquito Authority’s Frances Altick & Sadhya Nagaraj defeat Team Pursuit Wealth’s Nena Day & Heidi Steiber  6-0  6-1; Mixed – Team Mosquito Authority’s Jenny Green & Andres Caro defeat Team Pursuit Wealth’s Heather Waters & Geoff Gisler  5-7  6-2  10-6.