Team Mosquito Authority Gets 1st Win and Team Pursuit Wealth Finishes Regular Season Undefeated

August 5, 2022 – Hot weather, good food, and great tennis, that was the scene at MacGregor Downs Country Club Friday night as Team Mosquito Authority notched their first win of the season in a thrilling Captain’s Choice Super-Tiebreak in front of an enthusiastic home crowd. In the other match taking place, league leading Team Pursuit Wealth finished their regular season undefeated by powering through a Captain’s Choice Super-Tiebreak to best defending champions Team Wake Orthopaedics.

In the feature match, Team RDUTennis scored first as Tessie Choo and Brian Rosenthal came back to win the mixed court over Jenny Green and Brian Smith 1-6 6-3 10-3. Team RDU went up 2-0 as Meghan Coomes and Karen Rembert, subbing for RDUTennis, won the women’s court over Macy Fisher and Jen McEntee, subbing for Team Mosquito, 6-4 6-3. Team Mosquito Authority scored their first team point as Chris Fletcher and Louis Rica won a very competitive match on the Men’s 2 court over Team RDUTennis’ Matt Nicholson and Gani Adelekan 6-4 6-4. All eyes focused on the Men’s 1 court where Team Mosquito Authority’s Michael Ogden and Andres Carro were locked in a battle with Team RDUTennis’ Kyle Spencer and Dana Parziale. Spencer/Parziale took the first set in a tiebreak 7-6, but Ogden/Carro came back to win the second 6-4 and pull out the thrilling third set tiebreak 11-9 and force the Captain’s Choice Super-Tiebreak. Team Mosquito Authority selected Green/Carro and Team RDUTennis selected Choo/Rosenthal to play the Captain’s Choice. Both teams played well, but Green/Carro hit too many big shots and finished with an ace to win the tiebreak 10-8 and secure the team victory for Mosquito Authority. Unfortunately, the 3 team points won by Team Mosquito were not enough to get them into the playoffs, but their season ends on a high note with their best performance of the year. Team RDUTennis advances to the playoffs as either a #2 or #3 seed depending on the results of next week’s match.

Team Pursuit Wealth and Team Wake Orthopaedics squared off in a match that may have sealed Pursuit Wealth’s claim to a #1 seed in the playoffs. Pursuit Wealth jumped out to an early lead as their men’s 2 combo of Paul-Henri Arrigoni and Glen Kitner played were just too tough for Team Wake Ortho’s Cameron Rosenow and Lilo Pelegrino and won the court 6-2 6-2. The women’s court finished next as Wake Ortho’s Kaitlin Whoriskey and Kris McGrath won over Team Pursuit’s Heather Waters and Nena Day 6-2 6-3 to even the score at 1 court each. On the men’s 1 court, Team Pursuit Wealth’s Anu Kodali and Quentin Guichard came storming back from losing the 1st set 3-6 to Team Wake Ortho’s Jon Davis and Justin Roberson to win the 2nd 6-0 and the 3rd set tiebreak 10-7 giving Pursuit Wealth a 2-1 advantage. Team Wake Ortho’s husband-wife team of Amanda and Jon Janda won the mixed court over Heidi Steiber and Geoff Gisler 6-4 6-3 to tie the team score at 2-2. You would expect no less than a Captain’s Choice Super-Tiebreak when two of the top teams in the league go head to head. Kodali/Waters represented Team Pursuit Wealth and Whoriskey/Janda represented Team Wake Ortho in the tiebreak to decide the match. Waters/Kodali jumped out to a quick 6-1 lead and Whoriskey/Janda fought hard to try and get back in it. Waters/Kodali have proved all season they are tough to beat and tonight was no exception, they continued to execute well and hit the big shots and closed out the tiebreak 10-4 giving Team Pursuit Wealth the team win and an unblemished regular season record. Depending on the results of next week’s match between Team White Dahlia and Team Wake Ortho, these two teams will be #1 or #2 seeds.

Congratulations to Lucas Ruggeri who won 2 VIP tickets to the Atlantic Tire Championships in September during a drawing held earlier in the evening.