About RPL

The Raleigh Pro League was founded in 2010 to showcase the best adult tennis players in the greater Raleigh area.  The league is open to any player with a NTRP 5.0 rating or higher.  Most of the players are area teaching professionals and former college players, many of which played on the professional tour and some in Davis Cup competition.  Matches are played at area racquet clubs, country clubs, and public tennis facilities between June and August.  Raleigh Pro League matches are open to the public and there is no admission fee.  Fans and spectators are encouraged to be loud during each match for a Davis Cup like atmosphere.

Competition is team based.  The match format consist of 2 Men’s doubles courts, 1 Ladies doubles court, and 1 Mixed Doubles court.  All courts are played at the same time and are best of 3 sets with a 10-point tiebreak played in lieu of the 3rd set.  Teams win 1 point for each court won.  If the match is tied at 2 courts each, A Captain’s Choice Super-Tiebreak is played to determine the match winner.  Each team Captain chooses a male and female player to represent their team and a 10-point super-tiebreak is played to determine the match winner.  The winning team receives 1-point for winning the overall match.  Each team consists of 12 players (7 males and 5 females) with players selected to the teams through a draft that takes place ahead of each season.  Teams may optionally draft subs for their roster.

Teams collect points from each regular season match to determine their ranking and seeding for the playoffs.  The 2 teams winning their playoff matches play for the Season Championship.

Players earn prize money for each court they win.  Each member of the season Champion and Finalist teams receives a portion of the final purse based on the league’s budget for that year.

Since it’s beginning, the Raleigh Pro League continues to bring high level tennis to fans and enthusiasts in the greater Raleigh area and provides a platform for the areas best players to compete against each other in an fun, exciting, and entertaining format.